Opening Day = Sh#@ Weather

Headed up to Wrigley...yip dee doo dah...and it looks like dooms-day out. Nothing a little beer won't cure...Goo Cubbsss!!!


Not so Fast Spring...Winter '08 will not Relent!

Spring is no longer in the air - those are snow flakes hitting you in the eye. It snowed in Chicago all morning. It was very sad. Boo-hoo.


Spring is in the Air

It is finally looking and feeling like Spring in Chicago. While we took this picture (<-) in South Carolina, it's not too far away a common Illinois display. Although, Cubs Opening Day is Monday which means the weather will inevitably revert to 30 and snowy.

Design I Love: Champange Cork Mechanisims

I love the design of champagne corks.


Poor Big-Boga Lovin' - Day 3 of Diet

Bogie's vet called this morning to make sure we started Bogie's diet (I'm not kidding). Bogie was really hoping that we would 'forget' about said diet, so he's quite depressed (->) to hear that 'follow-ups' were already happening. We've started giving him half of small treats - vs. full small treats - as a first measure. And the occasions that he begs hard enough for scraps of human snacks have come to a halt. Hopefully these small steps will have an impact.


Big Bo-ga Lovin' goes on a Diet

Bogie had his annual exam/shots on Saturday. He had a very clean bill of health (:)), but we were told that poor Bogs has to go on a diet. He needs to lose about 3-4lbs - or about 15% of his body weight! (He currently weighs 24.4lbs and he should weigh 20-21lbs.) He was very confused by all of this talk re. 'fat rolls,' 'fewer treats' and 'diets.' Anyone who knows Bogie knows that the love of his life is food. So, it's going to be quite a struggle.

A Favorite Chicago Interior Resource: Jayson Home and Garden

Jayson Home and Garden on Clybourn is one of the best 'all encompassing' interiors/exteriors stores in Chicago. What's better, they have an outlet downstairs with dramatically discounted items (furniture, lighting, frames, accessories, etc.).

They have a website, but it seems to feature only a small portion of their offerings: http://www.jaysonhomeandgarden.com/home.php


Woody Allen Marathon

A few days into Spring, two days away from Easter and it's snowing, grey and ~30 degrees in Chicago. A depressing Friday in the Midwest. This is the kind of day that warrants a movie marathon. Might I suggest a Woody Allen theme? Recommended viewing (in order): Manhattan, Crimes & Misdemeanors, Another Woman, Match Point, Husbands and Wives, Anything Else, Interiors, Wild Man Plays the Blues, Melinda & Melinda and Hannah and her Sisters. (I've left about 10 other great ones off - maybe for another day.) I think I watch "Hannah and her Sisters" at least once a month (it's always on cable) and I never tire of it. It's one of those kinds of films I wish they made more of, but I guess there's only one Woody Allen.


Photo o the Day

Cindy Sherman is brilliant.


Back to Toronto: 2008 Film Festival

In keeping with the 'things white people like' blog http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com/full-list-of-stuff-white-people-like/, David and I will be reveling in our love of film festivals (#3) this fall in one of our favorite travel (#19) places - Toronto (#75). AND, we will be staying at the Gladstone (#79, #34, #37) again - if you couldn't tell, we loved the place. We have already reserved the Billio room (<-). We can't wait to hit Jamie Kennedy again for some amazing wines (#24) and organic foods (#6).

Crafty Cute Site

I've been fond of the Happy Owl site after seeing it footnoted somewhere in an early Domino issue. I've really liked this light -> for some time though I don't think it would work well in our place. Anyway, they are having a sale - very cute little semi-crafty things (t- shirts, prints, pendants, etc.) with owls and raccoons....and you get the picture.


Remembering Minghella

One of our most taleneted directors has passed away suddenly at the young age of 54. Anthony Minghella was the master behind Cold Mountain, Talented Mr. Ripley, Breaking and Entering (one of the most under-rated films of 2006) and The English Patient. A very sad day in cinematic history as I'm sure he had many more brilliant films in store.


Amazing Toronto Shopping

Toronto was great.

We spent most of Friday shopping at the many amazing design stores (oh, and drinking lots of great wine). Commute Home is one of the most amazing stores I've ever been to (->). http://www.commutehome.com/ We purchased a fish for the wall (marlin-esc) from a mid-century modern design store and a cool stool from an antique store on Queen West.

Canadians are cheap so Toronto is a great place for good deals.


Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner (Toronto)

3 more days until we're sitting at our favorite restaurant in Toronto.



Puppies, Preppies and the 1970s...Sounds like a great movie.


If David Could Add a 6th...

...It would be Gone Baby Gone - and I couldn't agree more! Ben Affleck proves he's not a total d-bag.

Top 5 Under-Appreciated/Awarded Films of 2007

5. Grindhouse, Robert Rodriguez + Quentin Tarantino (DVD Note: While I preferred Deathproof, works best together)
4. Margot at the Wedding, Noah Baumbach
3. Into the Wild, Sean Penn
2. Eastern Promises, David Cronenberg
1. Zodiac, David Fincher

Object of Obsession: Vintage Mercedes

I want to own a vintage Mercedes. And a standard poodle (see his head back there ^).

Cool Outdoor Furniture

Hoping it's the last absolutely freezing weekend of the year, we started thinking about how our deck will be designed in 2008. After doing some online browsing, I found this (->). So cool.



This is (V) Real!

The Angel Oak on Johns Island - really an amazing site.

Seabrook Island House

(<-) This is the house we rented on Seabrook Island. One of my favorite resources for house rental is: www.greatrentals.com (www.vrbo.com is decent as well). We have rented homes in Arizona (Sedona), Michigan (northern) and South Carolina (Seabrook) through great rentals. I was a little trepidatious at first - thought it was some kind of Wolf Creek Scam - but, it's very legit and I highly recommend it.

Alligator or Crocidile?

I'm not sure of the difference (is this an alligator or crocidile?), but this guy (^) was lazing by a pond late afternoon very near the house we had rented in Seabrook Island. Of course, my mom had to take pictures while I cowered about 100ft away.


Precious Come Back: The Long Winding Road to Malibu

Sadly, Precious' downward spiral has not come to an end (unfortunate, because we've already started paying for the perfect Malibu rehab center). Precious was spotted AGAIN somewhere between Tavern on Rush and the Gold Coast Jewel Osco. As we can all clearly see (->), she's warming cleavage for some unnamed Viagra Vixen. Mama W. is beside herself - that luxurious fur should be warming her bosom during these last cold days of winter. If anyone spots a seersucker-ed lady roaming the streets of Chicago - grab her and pull the kitty from that cleav!

Ad Ode to A Diamond Chair

A Good Looking Tube of Toothpaste

While I wouldn't think of keeping any 'products' out in our bathroom (everything is nicely stowed away), my favorite toothpaste has given me slight pause....


Amazing Score: The Conversation

Thank You David Shire for an amazing score.
And Thank You David M---- for an awesome gift. If you like jazz, forget about it, it's the best.


Cheap Wine Alert

I'm desperately trying to convince myself that spring is around the corner (it is, right?). One way of doing that: Drink lots of white wine + crank heat x shut blinds tight. My new favorite cheap wine is: A 2006 Redbank - The Long Paddock - Sauvignon Blanc. If you live in Chicago, you can find it at Olivia's for $11.99. Drink up!

(Kaiser) Sosay Series, Part Deux

Hi Sosay:

Part I was so enjoyable, I'm back for part Deux. However, I needed to do a little YouTube research - so sorry for the delay.

BMc: What is your favorite low calorie, low sodium + low carb food? And sweetie, are you still drinkin' the moonshine?
SOS: I make 'SOSAY PROTEIN PANCAKES!' and speak Swedish when cooking them. Here is a new recipe... VODKA + WHEY PROTEIN = LEAN BODY!!
BMc: Who is your biggest wrestling nemesis?
SOS: Ken Doane, Maria and Kelly Rippa.
BMc: Tell me about this evening gown match? Why did Maria get to enter the ring first?
SOS: The HEADLINER enters last.
BMc: Did it hurt when she tore off your evening gown? I hope it wasn't expensive...
SOS: It's the principle of it all. She was wearing the same dress as me! I was going to tear her's off but she did it herself. She is in PLAYBOY this month. And yes it did hurt me.
BMc: How do you get 'pumped' up before a match?
SOS: I use those rubber bands things that are lying around in the back.
BMc: It seems much harder to be a woman wrestler - men have it much easier in the sport, it seems...What do you think?
SOS: From my experience there is a disconnect with what is "PROFESSIONAL" and what is not, and that is a challenge. But women in wrestling are a huge part of the show. Oh, and men DON'T have to be GOOD looking to be a successful wrestler.
BMc: I was sad to see that you haven't shot pool in awhile. Remember how good you were, Cam? You hustled every hippie in EL.
SOS: Yes. I do remember i skipped class to play that game. Hustling hippies is childs' play.
BMc: Do you get back to Michigan much these days?
SOS: Only when I hear it calling my name.. SOSAYYYYYY!!!!
BMc: And, why haven't you danced with a pillow since 2000? Sad.
SOS: Because nobody asked me.:)
BMc: Giddy-up Cam!
SOS: MONTANA, mountains and moonshine!
BMc: xoxo, Drew

SOS: Cam was here!

Some of My Favorite Reads: J.M. Coetzee

I love J.M. Coetzee. Disgrace is one of the most compelling and powerful pieces of literature I've ever read. I really just seem to enjoy everything he writes (and I'm not too terribly an avid reader - sorry, mom).

I'm now reading Youth and it's amazing (if you read a bit about Coetzee, it's a tad autobiographical). Coetzee is really interesting - read a little more about him on the Nobel Prize website (www.nobelprize.org).

W Warehouse Sale

W Hotel Store is having their bi-annual warehouse sale. While I have been more
impressed with previous warehouse sales, this one was pretty good. I landed these (^) Tretorns for $30 (was $85) and this cool Triple 5 Soul laptop bag (^) for $19.99 (was $88). Unfortunately, the warehouse sale is only advertised to previous customers (link/contents listed on actual site). I'm trying to figure out the link and will post it once I do.


Still Obsessed: Russian Film Posters

Some of My Favorite Things: Don't Look Now (1973)

Sexy. Bold. Mysterious. Authentic. And written by Daphne Du Maurie.
What else can I say...
Just SO totally...cool...

The Most Un-PC Movie...of All Time?

This movie is so hideous you might just want to watch it through the end. Some absolutely unreal quotes from this movie (note: PR agency executive boss trying to get him to take some time off). David and I spent some of our Saturday night drinking wine and watching "It's Alive." I'm officially 30.


A Movie To Love: Enduring Love (2004)

As I was listening to something on my favorite radio station - WFMT Chicago Classical (Support Them!) - I thought I heard something very close to the score for Enduring Love. And that made me think to reco. this movie (since very few people I know have seen it). It's really quite good (and equally odd + enchanting). If nothing else, the images (most obviously the beginning scene) and design are amazing. It actually makes London look cool (I hate London - yawn).

Happy viewing!

Some of My Favorite Things: Iittala Birds

I love these little glass birds. I have 5 in my collection thus far - 4 birds and 1 Owl.
The anti 'knick knack.'