Hungover Owls

My funniest friend Blair found this amazing blog. She said it was made for me. I concur.


J.M. Coetzee | Summertime

Another fantastic read by J.M. One of the back cover reviews states 'compulsively readable' and I concur.

Brooke Endoreses: L'Oreal Go 360 Clean

Love this product! The sensitive skin product for $4.99 can not be beat! Thanks to L'Oreal for making products that you can actually trust and purchase at the drugstore.


Classic Bottle Design: Hendrick's Gin

I don't even really love Gin, but this bottle (label, size, structure) is just so glorious, I can't help but not drink it.

Quintessential Modern Movie Soundtracks

Click the above to read my article on Rankography

Product Endoresment: Bona

Fantastic product for quickly, safely and cheaply brightening dull hardwood floors.


Desire to Inspire -> Cush Design Studio Blog

He seems to utilize lots of the same elements I gravitate to.



Family Videos - A Still on Safety

My parents were really into safety; life-vested in 5in of water.


Danielle V Kim G

Love this Show: Man Shops Globe

So far, Sweden and Scotland were my favorites. For more info, check your local listings.

Reading Now: Eat Pray Love

Not exactly sure what possessed me to pick this up, but I did. It's written in a bit of a cheesy, chick-novel kinda way, but has some interesting passages so I'll likely finish it.