Maggie's Boo

Maggie's boyfriend is livin' the high life.

Fantastic Photo Blog

Caution: Some racy photos, but really cool photographic inspiration.

Michael Bechara

Love his Interior Design Gallery pictures.


Adrian Gaut

Why do I LOVE crap like this?

I have the sense of humor of a 13 yr old boy. "THEY GOT A PEPPER BAR."


A Classic

Only 7% of Top 250 Films are Directed by Women

Great, concise article in NYT about women in film and films about women. That idiot from Salon.

MyPublisher Part 2

More fun w/ MyPublisher


1965's 'Take Ivy' Takes 2

Mildly obsessed w/ the re-release of this book. The original had a limited run and is hence mucho $$$.


My Digital Life: My Publisher

My book made for $13 (paperback) on My Publisher. If this turns out well, I may just have to make more. How did I not know about this prior to now?


Cool Hunting Blog

I enjoy this blog (esp. when Marc Jacobs' ads aren't messing with it), the GIFT GUIDE is excellent (particularly for the men in your life).


The Always Amazing Publican

David and I went back to the Publican for brunch on Sunday and it was as amazing as ever. We had to wait a bit for 2 seats at the bar - but it's so well organized and the staff is so amazingly friendly and accommodating, that we didn't mind a bit. I had a fantastic omelet and David had the short rib and egg on sourdough w/ a side of frites. Of course, we both had their tremendous Bloody Marys w/ mirco beer backs. Seriously, I wish we lived in this neighborhood so that we could be regulars. I'm already looking forward to our next visit. Ga. Ga.

From $350 to $130 - Gotta Love Gilt!

This Dolce Notte Botanical Down comforter, by Villa Di Borghese, is a hypoallergenic, botanical down comforter with a baffled box construction and excellent moisture management. The comforter has an all natural down and lycocell fill with double stitch satin piping and an embroidered Borghese crest. Each king comforter measures 107 inches by 96 inches and is packaged in a ventilated zippered vinyl storage bag with a sample packet of Dolce Notte Night Cream. 360 thread count. Machine washable. Do not bleach.
Features:* All natural white goose down and lyocell fill for rejuvenating sleep* Improved moisture management for sensitive skin* Botanical down alternative * Manufacturer's five year warranty.
Brand: Villa Di Borghese
Material: 100% cotton and down
Origin: United States

Hyde Park, Take 2

David and I finally explored Hyde Park a bit more - (after having a great Robie House experience) - and have come to the conclusion that it's quite dull. However, I would highly recommend seeing a concert - as we did - at the Rockefeller Memorial Chapel and checking out the University of Chicago 'Pub' (a very random - but cool - 'bar' in the basement of a University building not far from the Chapel / serving lots of different micro brews and good looking bar food).

Design, Meet TV

I need another wall hanging like I need a hole in the head, but these are on the brink of making me reconsider: http://www.blanka.co.uk/Hom

Men & Women of Industry

New blog I'm mildly obsessed with: http://menandwomenofindustry.com/


Michigan Summer Home: Bedroom

This would be my ideal 'vacation home' bedroom. Love the masculine (bedding, paint color)and feminine (side tables) representation.

Bogie's New Fatboy Bed

Bogie's old fatboy was becoming a bit dingy, so we purchased a new one (^). Isn't he so cool in his very macho camo bed? His old one went to good use - it's his new crate bedding. King Bogie. Life is Good.



Room Obsession

My dream room.


Lion Dog & Multum In Parvo

Sorry Maggie & Bogie, I think you may be related:
Recent DNA analysis confirms that the ancestors of today's Shih Tzu breed are among the most ancient of dog breeds.[7] Ludvic von Schulmuth studied the skeletal remains of dogs found in human settlements as long as ten thousand years ago. Von Schulmuth created a genealogical tree of Tibetan dogs that shows the "Gobi Desert Kitchen Midden Dog", a scavenger, evolved into the "Small Soft-Coated Drop-Eared Hunting Dog" which evolved into the Tibetan Spaniel, Pekingese, and Japanese Chin. Another branch coming down from the "Kitchen Midden Dog" gave rise to the Papillon and Long-haired Chihuahua and yet another "Kitchen Midden Dog" branch to the Pug and Shih Tzu. The Shih Tzu was almost completely wiped out during the Chinese Revolution. Seven males and seven females were saved, and today, all shih tzus can be traced back to one of these dogs.