Embroidered Pug Mug Pillow

When I showed this pillow to David, he was like 'cute...where would we put it?' Silly man. Agreed, we need another decrotive pillow like we need a hole in the head, but really, how could I resist?


TMP Heart = Hilarious

First there was Things White People Love - now, brought to you by wp, Things Marketing People Love: http://thingsmarketingpeoplelove.blogspot.com/


FURminator vs. BOGIEnator

Bogie has been shedding like mad. So, I purchased the FURminator today. Check out the crazy website (or sample video below) to see what this little bad boy does to pet hair: http://www.furminator.com/


Smith & Hawken - Closing = Deals

The economy takes another solider down. Fire-pits, 20% off.

Reflections|Part I


New England Road Trip: Leaf Peepers, Part I

Montreal, Quebec - Hotel Gault - http://www.hotelgault.com/
Dixville Notch, New Hampshire - The Balsams - http://www.thebalsams.com/
Portland, Maine - Morrill Mansion B&B - http://www.thebalsams.com/

Boston, Massachusetts: Frankly, I can't remember where we stayed (but it was somewhat of a hell hole) - we spent most of our time just wondering and really enjoyed spending time in Cambridge (Harvard bars). http://www.cambridge-usa.org/

New Port, Rhode Island - Jailhouse Inn - http://www.jailhouse.com/

In preperation for planning Part II, here is a recap of our Part I.

Southwest Michigan Adventure Ideas

Harbor Country Map - http://www.harborcountry.org/index.php
Lodging: Waya Home Rentals - http://www.wayarentals.com/
Lodging: Marina Grand Resort - http://www.marinagrandresort.com/mabout
Dining: Bentwood Tavern - http://www.marinagrandresort.com/bentwood
Dining: Soe Cafe - http://home.earthlink.net/~chefcharles/
Things to do: Ipso Facto Antiques - http://ipsofactoantiques.com/index.html Things to do: Marco Polo Antiques - http://www.strangeclosets.com/?p=539
Starting research for our next get-away (New England Fall Road Trip, Part II), I realize just how hard it is to find 'cool' places in the middle of nowhere. So, as a service, I'm documenting the highlights of our recent trip to Harbor Country. Enjoy!


Kuma's = Suck; Other Places = Good

Duchamp Burger = Yum

Kuma's Burger = Puke

For whatever reason, I'm not a hamburger person. Hamburgers actually make me a bit sick. However, David has been wanting to check out Kuma's Corner - and I kinda did too (all the good reviews). This place is miserable for Brooke. Brooke does NOT like loud METAL music. Brooke does NOT like massive patties of ground round (insert David's laughter - 'ground round? must be a Detroit thing'). Brooke does NOT like waiting an hour for a BURGER. WTF. Brooke does NOT like waiting for an hour in a shroud of loud METAL music for large patties of ground round.
Okay, my blog is all about tips - so I'm giving David's top burgers. You can skip the annoying Kuma's experience for these hamburgesas: 1) Merkt's Hickory Burger (Brownstown, Gaslight, Krikwoods, Sidebar), 2) Nightwood, 3) Duchamp, 4) Bristol and 5) Local Option (honorable mentions: Floyd's Pub + Moody's Pub).
Next up: Best fries in Chicago (my expertise).


Room with a View

Click (^). Guess where?

Our Babies: Maggie & Bogie

Maggie aka Mama

Bogie aka Bubba


Union Pier II




Bird House