Summer Book Club: July, July

Latest read. Kind of good in parts, but mostly annoying; the dialogue seemed very inauthentic to me. Would not reco.


Awe, Yeah: New York Seltzer

A highlight from childhood - Heading to Joe's on a summer night to pick out a New York Seltzer.


More Jodie

'The Accused' Oscar Speech
'The Silence of the Lambs' Oscar Speech
Thank God the Academy finally posted 1988 Best Actress speech - where is 1991, AMPAS? (I shouldn't have to link to some insane Japanese website for this content!)
Jodie, the consummate professional, takes us back to a time - not long ago - when performances were truly dynamic, layered, powerful, passionate, inspiring and thought-provoking...and not Sandra Bullock dying her hair blond, speaking w/ a Southern accent.

Gilt Purchase

Summer tote for farmer's market veggies and such.

Crew Loot

I can never have too many black cardigans or scarves. The Brooke uniform.

Emmt Otter's Jug Band Christmas

Classic out-takes


The Easter Parade

I've been in a kind of 'reading mood' (GASP!) and just finished 'The Easter Parade' by Richard Yates (penner (word?) of Revolutionary Road). It was referenced in 'Hannah and her Sisters' so I thought I would check it out (any Woody Allen endorsement works for me). A great read - highly recommend.

(Note: Nothing to do w/ the 50s? musical movie 'Easter Parade.')


Open Roads

New pics on Them Thangs!


Had this picture - (Francis during the 'Apocalypse' shoot) - hanging up in my high school locker. Yes, I was quite popular.




i(Phone) go(es) to Maine

Casco Bay Cruise



80 in April in Maine! Glorious.

Lobster Shack Restaurant

Color Coded

I don't typically like books on display, but I do love this.