Acquired Taste: Birth (2004)

Jonathan Glazer + Alexandre Desplat + Danny Huston + Lauren Bacall = Revere this Film


Favorite Things: Lilac

Nothing says spring like the aromatic kiss of a lilac bush. Love.


Top Ten Movies from Early Childhood (~10 yrs and under)

Legal Eagles (1986), Swiss Family Robinson (1960), Pollyanna (1960), The Sound of Music (1965), The Dirty Dozen (yes, I was an exceptionally odd child...Ice Station Zebra nearly made the cut) (1967), Bedknobs & Broomsticks (1971), White Christmas (1954), Never Ending Story (1984), My Fair Lady(1964) and BIG (1988)

Addendum: My mother was kind enough to remind me of Space Camp (1986) which probably falls more in the early childhood sweet-spot than BIG (1988). Yes, I read the Space Camp book, memorized the Space Camp script and wanted to become an astronaut for a good 3 years. How could I forget Space Camp? But just so that my taste isn't put into question - please consider the talent involved w/ this film: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091993/

*Special thanks to: TimeOut Video (GPW, MI), AMJ Video (GPW, MI) and MovieLand (St. Clair Shores, MI)


Bloomingdale Trail

There is a Bloomingdale Trail entrance minutes from our home. An urban trail of epic proportions. Scary cool.


Great Slippers, Great Cause

My great friend Jon asked me if I had a) purchased Tom's and b) blogged about my Tom's. He Ioves his and I love mine (above). W Hotel Store has them on sale. Just a tip. You're welcome.


4th of July House Rental: Union Pier, MI

We've decided to upgrade our 4th of July vacation location from the very remote, 1 IGA Alpena, MI to Union Pier, MI. David and I checked out the property and area on our way home from New Haven, CT and it looks like we will have much more access to fine food, drink and beach (gorgeous Lake Michigan). While we aren't 'right on a lake' (benefit of Alpena house), we are a 4min drive to a private beach on Lake Mich.

NYT: Grosse Pointe Blues


“I don’t think the rest of the country can appreciate the strength of character and the toughness that goes on here in Detroit.”


Wings/Hawks: Wings, 2-Zero

Love livin' in Chicago. Love routin' for Detroit.


"I Love You Courtney"

While I'm sure my parents weren't too happy when I wrote "I love you Courtney" in crayon on the bottom of my desk drawer, it does make for a pretty cute gesture ~25+ years later. Note: Pretty serious desk for a 3 year old.


Five Favorite Chicago Home Shops

Mongo - Bucktown (^)

Jayson Home & Garden - Lincoln Park (^)

Brimfield - Andersonville (^)

Sprout - Wicker Park (^)

Scout - Andersonville (^)

Anyone who follows my blog knows what a huge fan I am of 'lists.' After a recent inquiry I received about my favorite 'home' stores in Chicago, I decided to post my 'top 5 Chicago Home shops.' Enjoy. (*Note: My favorite interior shopping is the Chicago Antique Market: http://www.chicagoantiquemarket.com/home.asp)


Recommend: What Remains: The Life & Work of Sally Mann

I found the 'doc' on Sally Mann ("What Remains: The Life & Work of Sally Mann") to be interesting, provocative, inspiring. Thanks to a cousin's Facebook posting re. "What Remains," I've been exposed to Sally Mann's unflinching interpretation of life's personal moments. Her emotional, creative, physical, intellectual connection to her husband is both breath-taking and heart-breaking.

Love: The Dominion of Light, Magritte

This painting by Magritte inspired William Friedkin and/or Ellen Burstyn when they were making "The Exorcist." Brilliant.