Toikka 2005 Turkey Fowl: Impulse Purchase #324,503

For my Iittala bird collection (^). Couldn't resist the good deal on Gilt.
It's an investment, right? (In this case, it may actually be as they are one of a kind and sell on ebay for lots more than the purchase price. Yes, I'm convincing myself this was smart. So. What.)



An Artful Clutter | Aesthetic Obsession

Doing 'clutter' well is so very hard - and this guy does it pretty darn well. The above represents my highlights from the article link. I can just imagine the fun of cuddling up in that nook bed w/ David, Bogie (now that the bad breath is gone) and Maggie on a stormy night.


Early B-Day Gifts from Mom and Dad

Had a lovely time in Detroit. Did lots of fun stuff:

And how can I forget, State beat Michigan! Grand Luxe caper of a weekend!