Bogie's Own Tartan Pillow

While not 'vintage' tartan, he does enjoy his RL Bear plaid pillow.

Maggie's 'Short Winter' (?) Cut


Another Gilt Groupe Deal

I got these cool Hunter boots for $38 on Gilt Groupe. (I opted for the shorter wellies since I will not tuck them into my pants or else I may look like a big fat short giant.) They retail for $115. Love Gilt Groupe. E-mail me if you want the GG 'invite.'


Favorite Movie of 2008?

"Rachel Getting Married" was one of those gorgeous movies that could have been completely disastrous in any other director's hands. Jonathan Demme is of course the master of telling stories about strong female characters. This is a movie that I really connected to; in the tradition of "Ordinary People" and "The Ice Storm." I typically hate overly digital looking films and hand-held can get bothersome, but it was the perfect way to tell this brilliant story (penned by Sidney Lumet's daughter, btw). David summed it up nicely by reminding me that I 'love movies about rich people' - and even more, I love films about liberal, creative, rich families so perhaps I'm biased, but "RGM" is currently my favorite film of 2008.


Love! Love! Love!

Wayne State Graduate, Helen Thomas:

Hate! Hate! Hate!

I wish we were able to see Rush burning in hell on VOD or something- along with Ann, Sarah, George, Dick, that blond from the View, Bay, etc.



New Alarm Clock

I saw this alarm clock recently in Domino - the creative director (title?) @ J.Crew had it in her bedroom. The W Hotel Store is having an 'after holiday' sale w/ 35% off of all purchases until January 31st - so I went for it. It is designed by Jonas Damon. Here I go again - single-handily fueling the economy.


David's Best and Worst Films of 2008

Favorite Films of 2008
1. Frost/Nixon
2. The Dark Knight
3. Slumdog Millionaire
4. Vicky Christina Barcelona
5. Transsiberian
6. Lakeview Terrace
7. Cassandra's Dream
8. Life Before Her Eyes
9. Redbelt
10. Burn After Reading
Honorable Mentions: W., Let the Right One In, Ghost Town, Pineapple Express, Baby Mama

Worst Films of 2008
1. The Happening
2. Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show
3. Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
4. 10,000 BC
5. The Women
6. Rambo
7. 88 Minutes
8. Hancock
9. Eagle Eye
10. Leatherheads

Top Ten Worst Movies of 2008: My List

These are the movies that I am embarrassed to write that I have seen - if I haven't seen it, it's not included (but I can only imagine 'Bucket List,' 'Meet the Spartans,' 'Mad Money,' 'Mama Mia,' 'Over Her Dead Body,' etc. would make this list had I seen them).

Top Ten Worst of '08
10. Untraceable
9. Eagle Eye
8. Deception
7. Smart People
6. 10,000 B.C.
5. Hancock
4. The X-files: I Want to Live
3. The Women
2. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom the Crystal Skull
1. The Happening
Honorable mentions: 88 Minutes, Righteous Kill, Rambo, Jumper

As for my 'best list,' I'm waiting for the final until I've seen 'The Reader,' 'Rachel at the Wedding' and 'Revolutionary Road,' but here is the draft:

Top Ten Best of '08/Draft
10. Slumdog Millionare
9. The Life Before Her Eyes
8. Ghost Town
7. Dark Knight
6. Transsiberian
5. Casandra's Dream
4. Redbelt
3. Vicky Cristina Barcelona
2. Frost/Nixon
1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Honorable mentions: Pineapple Express, Stop-Loss, Wanted, Lakeview Terrace, Let the Right One In (*Note: The Wrestler makes neither list)


Winter Classic - NY Day 2009

Enduring 4+ hrs of "Detroit Sucks" chanting pays off - we won...by a landslide!