Arcade Fire Video Featuring your Hometown

Thanks Google Earth. This rocks.


Black Swan

Did not like Catfish, on to a new obsession: Black Swan (click to view trailer). Depressed that this is sold-out at the Chicago Film Fest.



Maggie's Last Summer 2010 Cut

Our proud little mama.

The The: Love Is Stronger Than Death

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1933 Chicago World's Fair

Promontory Point?

The McCaughrin Grandparents

Ruth & Walter (How cool is that shadow?)

As many of you know, I'm obsessed with old family photographs so I was truly elated to hear that my father found a large box of old McCaughrin photos which he will bring to Chicago on his next trip up. I will be sure to scan and post more as well as scan in some old Cobb family photos.

Grandmother & Grandfather McCaughrin

Grandmother Ruth (McCaughrin) & brother Jimmy
Grandfather Walter (McCaughrin) & brother Harold

Grandmother Ruth - 1915 & 1916

^Baby Chariot?

Grandmother Ruth - Vaudevillian Child Actor

Fascinating article about my father's mom. I now (better) understand where my father got his sense of humor and drama. (Click to read)


Grosse Pointe Park Park

Dad's cell phone pics. Maybe I should consider moving back to the land of the sail boats? Smarty II?


Netflix Instant Queue

Loving Netflix instant queue feature - Allows me to easily catch-up on classics.

'Things We Love About Each Other' List, Part I

Yes, we are that cheesy. Feel free to make fun of me later.


Love Split Pea Soup!

Oddly enough, mom always made the best split pea soup with ham. (I say 'oddly enough,' because as most of you know, my mother wouldn't touch a pea or most vegetables w/ a ten ft pole! She will sustain herself on skinless grapes and peanut butter.) This time of year makes me feel like making some wonderful split pea soup (click on pic for easy recipe). I may just have to learn how to turn on the stove!

McCaughrin Girls Weekend | Labor Day 2010

Rockefeller Chapel - A 'must see' when visiting Chicago!
Smart Museum - University of Chicago's campus museum - free every day!

Farnsworth House - Another 'must see' Chicago site.
Loving the fall weather - 70s in September makes up for the disgustingly warm summer.

Mother came up over Labor Day for a 'McCaughrin Girls' Weekend. (As many of you know, my mom and her sisters and mother have a 'Girls Weekend' every year.) We did lots of fun things including: Farnsworth home in Plano, IL & Hyde Park - Smart Museum/Mid-Century Modern Exhibit & Rockefeller Chapel. It was an absolutely gorgeous fall-like weekend!


The Unsung Hero of Real Housewives of NJ Season 2

'Privatizing' my Blog

These are the statistics that have forced me to shut down my blog to the public: 900+ page views in July, 600+ page views in August. While I wish that number of people were genuinely interested in my blog, that's just not the case. I'm not sure what's going on, but it creeped me out a bit....er, a lot. Anyway, I hope invitees continue to visit my blog as I will be updating it on a regular basis. Also, if you know anyone that would like an invite, please let me know - thx!