Salad Servers vs. Idol

Instead of blogging about Idol and tonight's result how, I thought I would post my new salad servers. Normann Copenhagen. Pretty.


Spring Shopping: Home Depot Overload

The arrival of Spring means one thing in our HH - multiple weekend treks to Home Depot (at least 3 - up to 10). Going to Home Depot means a lot of me kind of standing around while David reads every last word on any package we intend to buy. We also hit (<) Sprout - a very cool/more my speed garden shop on Damen and Chicago-ish. We purchased an amazing 3ft cactus for our deck.

When we got home, Maggie inspected the cactus and thought it might make a good weapon for Bogie spanking. She will weave that into her scrolls/plot for world domination.


Wow, I'm a Pathetic American Idol Junkie

It has been clinically proven that 'our' favorite word is our own name - (at least that's what I heard in some movie) - hence my desire for Brooke to win American Idol. While completely pathetic how into this show I am (David's fault), last night was a little dramatic and amazing. I guess our 500 calls (SICK!) went to good use - Go Brooke!

It seems like the press is up-in-arms that Carly got voted off (because she's so good???). And then Randy's moronic comment about last night being a 'bit of a popularity contest.' That's what freaking American Idol is?! That's America - one big popularity contest...this is why people like the show.


Cool Photos by Frank Relle

David introduced me to this cool photographer who has done album cover art for Greg Dulli's many endeavours.

His sort of eerie capture of New Orleans (Nightscapes) is quite amazing - the lighting is really dramatically subtle. Anyway, take a look: http://www.frankrelle.com/


Ode to Hector

I have not much energy left in me today after week 2 of work hell. So, I will rely on the wise words of a hero - Hector Berlioz:

"The luck of having talent is not enough; one must also have a talent for luck."

And, TGIF...Mr. Belvedere Style...


God, I Need A Vacation

Pet Peeve of the Day: "People" calling at 4PM to rail on you.


So, the Sony Vaio fried...

...this weekend - ah well, a good notebook for ~3 years. David is picking up my new laptop tonight at Best Buy. It has a cool look (->) and lots of memory for the music and pictures - so I can get back to more regular blogging about lost cats and such!

He's also picking up the engagement ring that went down the disposal...that I turned on...while it was down there...yes, that was kind of a scary episode. But you know what, if that's the worst thing happening to me, that's okay by me.

Happy Spring!


Speaking of "There Will Be Blood"...

I love this (^) postcard.

There Will Be Blood = Amazing

What an amazing movie...and what a spectacular score...

Whad up D?

Sad start to the year...2nd highest paid team.


The Life Before Her Eyes

We saw this movie at Talk Cinema on Sunday - trailer below, "The Life Before Her Eyes" directed by the Vadim Perelman ("House of Sand and Fog"). While a bit histrionic, I thought it was really moving and stuck in my head for awhile. I felt it was an ascetically beautiful movie. Apparently it's a novel as well - for those that are interested in the sheerly literary approach.


Close Call Brooke!

Yes, I have become a total nerd - not just the average nerd I was before - and I now love American Idol. Brooke's my girl and she was in the bottom 3 last night. Though she didn't get sent home, Brooke better step it up.


Bo-ga Lovin' his Weight Loss Food

Big Bo-ga Lovin' is lovin his new weight loss food. I was trying to find a picture of the actual Eukanuba Weight Loss food that he is eating because there is a small picture of a PUG on the bag. (Note: Poor Pugs and their obsession with food and high propensity for weight gain:(.) Bogie really loves the food and seems to be able to smell it inside the cupboard because he spent 10mins this morning barking at the cupboard for more. Maggie also likes it. So all of the dogs in my life are happy. God Bless America.