This is Real: Albert Einstein Photo

Last weekend while at home I spotted this picture out on my parent's computer desk. Apparently it was a picture my Grandfather (McCaughrin) had snapped while a student (or grad?) at Ohio State. Below is an exchange between my father and uncle. Cool stuff.

Keith: Forget the writing on back - that appeared afterward but before I recovered the photograph. (Am I correct that Brooke's husband is Slovenian - so he can decipher the writing on back, but again it's more recent than - not related to - the photo.) It's still in its original frame. Since Scott has the only other copy, it may be priceless - especially now - half a century after Einstein's death. Scott might corroborate the photograph's approximate time, place and persons. To my recollection, the time = mid-1930s, the place = Columbus OH, the young man was an Ohio State University College of Engineering student with Dad (who graduated from that college in 1934). Einstein might've visited there the world-famous Robert Milikan - Dad's engineering professor - who first derived the weight of electrons (negatively charged sub-atomic particles) - a milestone in experimental nuclear physics. My recollection is that the photo has been in the family since its inception - long before fakery by today's photographic and computer-imaging. Carbon-dating can pin-point its age as well. I judge it to be authentic and would testify to that under oath, but recommend that you not display it prominently, lest it disappear again. Craig

>>> KEITH MCCAUGHRIN 7/24/2008 11:46 AM >>>
I have Brooke coming in this w/e, and I wanted to explain the
infamous Einstein photograph. Can you jog your memory
on the people, etc. There is printing on the back, but I
wouldn't know the language. Much thanks.


Dinner in Detroit

David and I are going to Detroit this weekend to visit and have dinner with my 90 year old Grandma (and parents). My Grandma is a hero to me and I love spending time with her...so while we are missing the Antique Fair, def. worth it to spend a few hours with Gram. We are also very excited to be staying at the MGM Grand. After a stressful week at work - and a stressful week to come - we thought we deserved a stay somewhere nice without the dogs. Will report later on the absurdity of spending $300 a night for a hotel room in DETROIT...


Grumpy Daze

The past few days have been awful at work and will continue to be horrendous until August 1st. AND, on top of that - Hitachino WHITE ALE is sold out at many of my Chicago mainstays (Clios, Wabi, Map Room, Handlebar, etc.). I literally purchased the last three bottles at Binnys. WTF...as if things couldn't get worse...lol, to be a DINK American. (NOTE: My prized Hitachinos next to Diet Coke with Splenda. Future WASP.)

Brooke White Gave Brooke McCaughrin Double Thumbs UP

No, I don't have a picture of it - but I have about 10 witnesses. Pathetically, we went to the American Idol Concert...My God, it was amazing (and I like to think I have taste). Oh, and none of my pictures came out despite our great seats - these are the best of BW.


Ice Cream and Cake + Dumpsters and Wine

I'm not necessarily one for ice cream, but this delicious picture (>) reminded me of our fabulous day on Mackinac Island - and this coconut ice cream cone was absolutely amazing.

Today is David's b-day - and while we didn't have ice cream (or cake) - we did have a nice stroll down to the dumpster (to discard all of the gift boxes!). :) The b-day weekend officially kicks-off on Thursday - and we had a nice pre-bday celebration last night at Cafe Matou. And tomorrow is very exciting - FINALLY (after 7 or so months of waiting) 'Red and White' wine store is opening. Hope to blog about what a great place it is tomorrow.

When Ads are Cool / WWSCD Club

As Bogie would say: "Sweet"


"Coffee is for Closers Only"

Heart. this. always.


The Urban Prankster Network


Improv is lots of times not my cup of tea...but this is a pretty amusing (^) website.

An Old but Touching Story (note 10/22 decision date):

September 25, 2007
by John Gallagher
It looks as though a library designed by Marcel Breuer in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, will be spared the wrecking ball. The local community library board met last night to evaluate an expansion plan designed by Boston-based designLAB architects. The scheme retains the original, 1953-vintage building and doubles its space with a sympathetic, Breuer-inspired addition. Although the board is not scheduled to vote on the scheme until October 22, momentum has decisively shifted away from an earlier push to demolish Breuer’s only Detroit-area building.


Precious' Great, Great Grandmother: Mother Precious Sr. the IV

While in Michigan we were lucky enough to run into P3 - she was with Precious "Sr" (pictured here ->). She, like those who came after her in the Precious pussy lineage, is a raging alcoholic (think Bukowski...x 10) - and the years have not been kind (the completely disheveled moustache look). Thankfully, she's still got a sense of humor and agreed to be pictured for my blog (very unlike P2 who would not be caught sober - or drunk - without her hat and jewels). Meanwhile, P3 ran up my American Express card today at Catch. It's gonna be a long summer.

Dear J.Crew Website

WTF: You've been under repair for about a week now (perhaps longer). David's b-day is in several days and I'm screwed. Pls fix yourself soon or all I have to offer will be a nice meal (which doesn't cut it in my DINK mind).

Thank you.

Summer Evenings

While happy to be back, I do miss our lovely meals by the lake. It's far too hot to eat outside in Chicago, so we ate at the dining room table tonight...with Bogie begging by my side...back to reality, I guess.


Day 6: My Fave Guy (over 60)

My Dad aka The Fountain of Misinformation

Olivia's vs. Perch's

Something I do not miss: Perch's (IGA). Perch's draws the drudges of humanity and sells products like DR PEPPER BBQ SAUCE! Not only do they sell that - it gets end cap positioning I'm not kidding. What's next? Diet Mountain Dew BBQ Sauce. They also seemed to making sandwiches near the restroom. Needless to say, first order of Chicago business - trip to Olivia's and the Farmers Market for heirloom tomatoes, goat cheese, basil and some crisp white wine.


Back in Chicago...

...And already missing those 10:00 pm EST sunsets.

Day 5: Torch Lake Boat Ride

Day 4: Traverse City w/ my 2 Fave Men (under 60...)

Owning the dance floor.

Met up with Precious' cousin - she also likes Jager Bombs.

Actual Shocker: I believe I was the soberest.

Quote of the Night I: Mom, Dad arm the alarm system...hide in the crawl space.
Quote of the Night II: You are the poor mans Wes Bently - and you are the poor mans Robert Downey Jr.


Well Designed Coffee System

Stuck in the middle of the country gets me thinking about missing a nice Starbucks. David and I began talking about wanting a new coffee maker and I've always really liked this one designed by Jasper Morrison for Rowenta.


Wedding Song - Our First Dance

Yes! My fave song - Amazing Live Performance...

It just doesn't get any sexier than this song...

Yikes! My fave song - Not so fave video...

LOVE this director (Sexy Beast, Birth)- Not so sure about the sexiest song of all time (def doesn't do it justice)...

Super Duper Cool Song II - "Read My Mind" / The Killers

Super Duper Cool Song - "Flux" / Bloc Party

Long Lake Sunset

View from the yard...note, no crazy Wolf Creek neighbors.

Day 3: Mackinac Island Bike Ridin' & Funny Games Reference

David and I had a glorious day on Mackinac Island. We biked (>) around the island in about an hour (the quoted estimate is 1:48 - which we obviously smoked). While nothing beats a vodka gimlet on the porch of the Grand Hotel (^), we opted for cones in preparation for our ride back to Long Lake (don't worry, in typical DINK style, we consumed real bevs with a nice outside lunch). And so, the love affair with Michigan continues.

On another note - in case a '48 hrs' is my future, 'Ritchie the lawn boy' was back at the house tinkering with the mower for a good 1/2 hr. Of course, he was as sweet as could be - but all I could think about was "Funny Games." David wished he would have come in and asked for eggs. (Should this really turn into a 48hrs/Dateline - he had light blue eyes, a space between his front teeth, blond hair, about 5'10 and 165 lbs. I really am this neurotic.)