Mama's Eye

Maggie had some trauma to the eye - no idea how/where/what - but she's much better now.



And Big Boga Lovin'

We can't forget about our Big Boga Lovin' - What would we do without this stinky snuggle bug?

Mama Maggie

Maggie loves the guest room. If the door is open, she will run in and pull every pillow from the bed and rustle up all of the blankets. She's so crazy in there that she recently broke a little Gaudi-esc dish we purchased in Barcelona - but I could tell she felt bad.
Our crazy little warrior.



Sterling Stuff

British Punk.

A joke is a very serious thing.

- Winston Churchill


14 Things I Use Daily (& Love) / Winter Edition

  • Northface & Patagonia Jackets
  • Products from Red & White Wine Bucktown (pictured above)
  • American Apparel T-Shirts
  • Pureology Hair Products (About 5)
  • Spy Optics
  • Cowboy Boots from Alcala's Western Wear
  • C.O. Bigelow Lip Tint
  • Zents Candles
  • The Bedroom Control Center = Fan + Humidifier + Air Purifier in rhythmic bliss
  • Rhodia Notebook
  • fresh Cannabis Santal
  • Mrs. Meyers Tabletop Cleaner, Basil
  • Epson Movie Projector
  • Harvest Select Chicken Noodle Soup


Top 5 Favorite Brands

Now that the election is over, I'm back to blogging about the really important things - material possessions. I must say, I've been a bad American lately and haven't been spending - I've been saving. So perhaps blogging about my top 5 favorite brands (as of late) will inspire me to start throwing my money away again.


Words that Move

No matter what happens - (and we can only hope that Obama's Presidency will be just as powerful as his campaign and move this country forward) - I'll always be thankful for this (^) moving speech. I don't think my generation has really experienced this sort of inspirational, bring-you-to-tears rhetoric. And for all you die-hard cynics, I certainly believe words can be powerful; words can motivate and inspire individuals, generations, societies.

What a historic moment to be an American.


Hope is Back.

I'm so proud of this country tonight.
It's time to start moving forward and making - not just hoping for - a better future for all Americans.
(*I didn't want to write anything negative tonight, but can we please never see the Palins again. Thanks.)

Please. Now.


Vote. Vote. Vote.

If only we could vote 3x.

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

We saw this charming movie at Talk Cinema on Sunday. I recommend it for a very uplifting film-going experience.