'Sweetish' Deisgn: Tretorn

Now that I've thoroughly cleaned out my closet and tossed at least 25 pairs of shoes and eliminated all shoe boxes (at least 50), what to do but restock? Latest addition to my growing Tretorn collection shown above. Can't wait for the spring and romping.


Sick Week 2010, Update

I'm FINALLY starting to feel better. 6 days and $150 later I think I've found the perfect sic-ocktial: Clairitin + Musinex + David's homemade beef vegetable soup (steaming hot). I'm not sure there's a cold medication I did not sample over the last few days and this is the only combo that worked. (On a related side note, please pray for my liver.)

If I'm 100% recovered by Friday (doubtful), this weekend better look out.


Sick Weekend 2010

Being sick literally drives me to the brink of insanity. I hate just lounging around, having zero energy to do anything. Today I nearly lost it (and did have a bit of a emo moment because I couldn't get the duvet straight). Thankfully, I have David to nurse me back to Brooke. Until then, I will just sit around and read, watch TV, surf the net, apply lip balm, blast nasal spray, OD on various vitamins/tonics/pills, and drink tea.

Jonathan Glazer's Vision of "Live with Me" is (still) Genius


The video perfectly interprets the song's central theme: desperation. My dream: Adrian Lyne uses this video/song to inspire his next film. Dream picture. Anyone have Adrian Lyne's contact info?


Fun with Films

The best part of extended breaks? Excessive film viewing - new & old. Movies watched over Christmas break:
"A Serious Man"
"A Single Man"

"Rachel Getting Married" x 2 (once with the Rosemarie Dewitt commentary)
"The September Issue"
"A Law Abiding Citizen"
"Hannah and her Sisters"
"Vicky Christina Barcelona"
"The Strangers"
"Margot at the Wedding"
"500 Days of Summer"
"Capricorn One"
"The Family Man"

Um, Happy New Year?