Fountainhead State of Mind

We are watching the original version of the "The Fountainhead." Anyway, I came across this picture and it made me think of my current state of mind.

Inspiring Architectural Feat

The Sagrada Familia has to be one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Here's a rare view of it without scaffolding.


Maggie Poses

For those of you who don't think Maggie gets just as much love as Bogie, 'yer' wrong. Maggie is extremely camera shy. We think this is because, like most with plots of world domination, she doesn't want any clear pictures of her circulating around the FBI/CIA/KBG/etc.

Here we have a very rare picture of Maggie (>). As you can see, her upper lip is raised a bit - a sign of sheer annoyance. I hope she doesn't sickle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sickle me.

Big Boga Lovin' - The Diet is Working

Look at the new improved Bogie (^)- he has lost at least 3 rolls - only 4 more to go!


To be or not to be...SCARED?

David and I have been debating on whether or not to see 'The Strangers.' See the trailer here (^). It's about a couple that goes to a cabin in the middle of nowhere and is terrorized by 3 crazy looking people wearing masks. Word on the street is that it's the scariest movie of recent time - and heart palpitatingly tight w/ a 1:30 run time.

Here's the problem: While I love scary movies, I'm constantly scared (in real life). I'm almost always worried that someone will break into our place while I'm sleeping and kill me with some sort of axe or sickle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sickle. And when I'm anywhere outside of an urban area, I can barely sleep because I'm so terrified.

We will be visiting a home 'up north' - Michigan speak for northern Mi. - for a week over the 4th. While it's definitely not a 'cabin in the woods' - much more like a modern home on a lake with a gourmet kitchen - I will definitely be living in fear for the entire week if we see 'The Strangers,' but even if we don't, I'll probably feel...petrified. So, what to do?

Anyway, watch this trailer and cover your eyes a bit.


Chicago Antique Market

Mom and Dad were in town over Memorial Day weekend, so we went to the Chicago Antique Market. I'm so happy that I was finally in town for this event - it's was so cool that we're planning a trip back...with a very large van. The number of well-priced treasures at this event was pretty unbelievable. It was like going to Scout - only 10,000 larger.

Highly recommend it.



$2,500 Deck Chair

I feel like I'm mildly obsessed with this very classic looking deck chair (->). I'm also really interested to understand the pricing - $2,500! If you don't believe me, check out one of my favorite sites: http://greenergrassdesign.com/reDobyplodesstudio.html
The chair is clearly gorgeous for what it is - and reminiscent of a much simpler time of outdoor living (pre the tacky, McMansion induced 'living room outside' movement). This chair reminds of a 60ish man drinking a Miller High Life and wearing socks and sandles - which is sort of charming. However, $2,500 - those have just been flying off the shelves, right?! If anyone spots a chair like this for a better price, you know where to reach me.

Photo Obsession of the Day

Egania (2008). More great stuff from Frank Relle.
One of the inspirations for our upcoming trip to New Orleans: 'Crazy American' + French + Victorian / Ornate = NO Architecture. I love homes that look like gigantic wedding cakes (^).


Charcoal to Gas

So, I need to get the digital camera snapping so that I can post some pics of our 'decked-out' deck. In the interim, I'm going to rely on stock photography. We had two very successful Home Depot trips this weekend. David has made the change from charcoal to gas (<) which might be temporarily traumatizing (for him). We're testing it out tonight with some BBQ chicken, so I'll let you all know how it goes.


Family (Bird) Addition

I have a new Iittala Bird to add to my collection -- meet Baby Kiwi (^). Isn't he cute?


Pot Obsession (of the Week)

It's a little after 7:30AM - the morning sun makes it pretty impossible to sleep in - and David is already busy working away at his famous short ribs for a couple of friends that are coming over tonight. Meanwhile, I'm busying trolling away on the internet. I found this pot that I'm in love with (<). It's a pasta pot by Alessi. I am mildly obsessed with dishes that can go from stove top to table top. There's something very minimal about that. It's a little pricy but on sale...so you may see it in use the next time you dine at the Mikec-McCaughrin's.


Idol Blocked

Brooke White's run has come to an end. While I'm a little shocked - I must say, I'm extremely relieved that I never have to watch American Idol again and that Tuesday and Wednesday evenings revert back to being 'movie' nights. AI is banned from our HH.

So, on to more exciting thing - our new Unison quilt from Design Public (->).