Debate Night, Round 1 - It is ON

It is Debate Night, Round 1 - and IT IS ON.

How better celebrate this television event than with a nice bottle of red wine and HomeMade Pizza Co. (arguably the best 'home' pizza and salad of all time)?

I also can't wait for the 'Real Time' follow-up. For a self proclaimed TV hater, this is TV night 2.0.

The only way that this Friday night could be topped is if SARAH PALIN WAS STARING IN HER VERY OWN EPISODE OF 1) WIFE SWAP, 2) NANNY 911 AND/OR 3) HOLE IN THE WALL. Now, I just named 3 things she's perfectly qualified for.


Shop, Shop, Shop

I love finding amazing websites - and I'm slightly obsessed by the antiques on this one: http://www.cspost.com/. I'm really admiring this industrial settee (>). Of course, on the verge of a depression, what else CAN one do but shop? Don't worry Mom & Dad - I use cash, do okay at work, don't own anything of substance and have no real responsibilities (but the doggers), so hopefully I'll at least be able to live in a cute tree stump when everything really starts falling apart.


Smiling Pug

Bogie jumped on the sofa, grabbed the big knotty blanket and made a little nest for himself. It, of course, was adorable (so I've documented it above).

New Camera makes its Debut

I finally got a new digital point-and-shoot. My old camera was definitely getting outdated - so I've been clicking away today with wild abandon. Of course, the most obvious subjects are Maggie and Bogie. As you can see, Maggie is completely irritated - note sneered lip - and Bogie can be shot all day. I hoping I'll now have more non-stock images to post on my blog.


The Art of the Novella

This cool site for Novellas was recently published in a favorite magazine. So, I was prompted to purchase a couple. While I still haven't received, I'm really excited to get reading. These (<->) seem perfect for the train.



Reason #3,405,052 David is the Best Husband in the World

Sends me flowers when I'm feeling blue (^).

Bogie's Mid-morning Nap

While Bogie can be the stinkiest mess in the world - think maggot-ridden dumpster - he can also be the sweetest little munchkin to walk this earth (as demonstrated by this <- picture we call - "Mid-morning Nap"). Bogie literally took that orange pillow and positioned it as his own little pug pillow and took a bit of a snooze (about 5 minutes after waking up). In true Prince style.


I Love the Marriage of Good Design + Smells

While things like this are sometimes a little too cutesy for me - this is a nice combination of function + cute without crossing the border to nick-nacky + gaudy.


While Oliver Stone is Certifiable...

...that doesn't take away from the pure entertainment value of this:



I'm loving "Anywhere I Lay my Head." I'm sorry, I just do.

I'm not sure if this is a ridiculous admission, but I am really loving - yes, loving - Scarlett Johansson's take on Tom Waits. 'Anywhere I Lay my Head' is a song I've been in love with for the last couple of weeks. I highly recommend listening to it in a convertible.

I'm sorry if you think I'm a huge loser for liking ScJo's music - but I do and I'm not shy to admit it.


More Cover Art to Cover

Digital Journeys

Don't you just love the internet?

I was listening to my New Order station on Pandora and one of my favorite songs came on - "More than This"/Roxy Music. I noticed on Pandora how much I loved the cover art of 'Avalon' and thought I would blog about it (>). Upon searching for the 'Avalon' cover art, I found this really cool blog: http://retromusicsnob.blogspot.com/

I love digital journeys with happy endings.


"Yup, I sho did"

I don't usually sink so low on my blog to post things of this nature - but it's just too amazing not to post. Particularly in light of Sarah Palin and her daughter.


Tucker Carlson is a Disgusting Pig

I was just reminded of Tucker Carlson while watching Real Time. And I completely forgot how much I hated him.


Some of My Favorite Things: Duty Free

2 x 1L bottles of Stoli = $27 (total) and 1 x 1L bottle of Cointreau = $30 (total)

Worse than Wife Swap

This reminds me of the movie 'Idiocracy.' I saw several ads for this show today and I couldn't BELIEVE it was real. But it is. It's real. This is surely a sign of humanity's devolution.


Poor Polar Bears

I love her long-term vision.

Salvage Love/Inspiring Design Story

I read about this guy's house in Dwell this month. It's such a cool story - of course, I wish I had enough talent to design - AND BUILD - all of my own furniture. Perhaps I could design it and David could build it - unfortunately, there's not a lot of room for table saws and materials in the city. Anyway, I still hang on to my dream of helping to design a home one day...with lots of old salvaged barn wood, concrete and corrugated steel.


Now, back to those pesky Republicans...

Bristol is Pregs...

...And an amazing clip: