GP Style

Wayfarers, authentic cowboy boots (substituted with Tretorns lots), Gap jeans, American Apparel t-shirt and a cashmere sweater. Growing up in an uber-WASPhood w/ a mom who wore very little make-up and dock shoes, I have absolutely no style beyond what is totally gp-obvious. That's cool w. me.

Latest Scent Obsession: Alien

The bottle is awfully garish, but I do love the strong scent. Reminds me the Hamptons. Thanks Blair. (Tip - Overstock.com is a great source for perfume.)

More Reasons to Love Karen O


Early B-Day Gift?

I so badly want a Brussels Griffon. These dogs are absolutely adorable and I think a fine playmate for Bogie.

Hero: Saul Bass


Bogie: Stuck on the Sofa

I was standing behind the sofa, watching the Michigan football game while eating blueberries. The site of food prompted Bogie to BOUND up on to the sofa and prop himself on the top. Boga seemed to temporarily forget that our home is not the 'couch lifestyle' and so the above video ensues: Bogie: Stuck on the Sofa.

(*Couch Lifestyle: Homes w/ large couches with puffy pillows. These couches are good for lazing around, especially if you are a small, often-sleepy dog.)


Scent Obsession

I have a somewhat costly obsession with amazing scents. I can't get enough of them. (As many know, I'm extremely scent sensitive - which is quite a curse when you live in an urban area or visit rural ones (WELL WATER IS MY NEMESIS). My most recent scent obsession is Voluspa's Makassa Ebony & Peach. I like many of Voluspa's products because they emit quite a potent aroma (nothing worse than a aromatic candle that doesn't), but this particular variety is beyond lovely. Quite exciting: Voluspa has just launched an incense line (just purchased Casimiroa sticks).

I continue to hold-up this economy...one incense stick at a time.


Favorite Childhood Games: Enchanted Forest

I'm not sure why I thought of this, but I was thinking of one of my favorite childhood games - 'Enchanted Forest.' (I believe I received it for X-mas one year and probably threw the box across the room because it wasn't a VCR for my bedroom or portable Casio TV (remember those?); I was a horrible child during the holidays.) When I did a quick Google search, I came across the 2 'artful' pics above. I'm glad to see sources of aesthetic inspiration have been ever present.

Urban Garden

My parents were kind enough to provide us with tons of tomato plants as well as a 'salsa garden' kit. What a success! David and I can't wait for the day where we might have a patch of 'land' to plant a more thorough garden...but for now the tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro and peppers are good enough.


Bogie's Dream, Audio

This is definitely more sound than site; while I would have preferred to perfectly stage the shot, there was just no time (plus, I didn't want to wake 'sleeping beauty'). Here is Bogie in his normal sleep state - awaking only to the word 'treat.' Turn your volume up and enjoy!


Farnsworth House | Mies van der Rohe

Highly, higly recommend the Farnsworth house to anyone living in or visiting Chicago - no matter what your level of interest in archeticture is.


Caloric Vices: Corn Nuts & IPAs

As if I didn't have enough caloric vices. My Gosh, have you tried Whole Foods Cajun Corn Nuts? How have I not ever tried Corn Nuts in my 31 years? (The first time I really heard about Corn Nuts was after my therapist went on and on about how she would never eat 'the mass distributed' Corn Nuts again because of the MSG. Hmmm...Crazy therapist hates Corn Nuts = Perfect reason to gravitate towards them. And I'm fairly certain, though not positive, that Whole Foods Corn Nuts do not have MSG.) My point: Whole Foods Corn Nuts are delicious! Pair these awesome Nuts with the most amazingly hoppy IPA you will ever taste - Modus Hoperandi - for a nice fall evening out on the porch, deck or patio.
You can thank me later!

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