Guilty Pleasure Horror Series

I remember being terrified by the first Poltergeist (especially the bloody-goo bathtub part) - and I mildly remember my parents borrowing the VHS tape from a friend for us to watch (need them to validate that memory). I also really remember renting Poltergeist 3 for a sleepover event..."Aunt Trish...."

As big of a wimp/scaredy-cat that I am, nothing gets me like a good horror move (clearly).

Happy Halloween, Bonus

Top 5 Coolest Scary Movies:
5) The Stepford Wives (Original)
4) Grindhouse
3) Jacob's Ladder
2) Seven
1) Don't Look Now

And yes, I like Suspiria as a 'show piece,' but was never that interested in it as a movie. Sorry to disappoint.

Happy Halloween

My Top Ten Horror Movies:
10) The Ring
9) The Omen
8) Jaws
7) Rosemary's Baby

6) Psycho
5) Silence of the Lambs
4) Texas Chainsaw Massacre
3) The Shining
2) Halloween
1) The Exorcist


Miss the 70s

I miss good movies...so I'm forced to watch "old" movies because those are the only good ones. Seriously, I've seen 2 good movies this year (Transsiberian & Vicky Cristina Barcelona), it's so sad. Well, if Obama wins it will all even out.


Hearting & Missing Napoleon House

David and I went to the greatest bar in New Orleans called Napoleon House. They play Classical music during the day - which I found to be the most amazing thing in the world (and they happen to make a great Bloody). If I had a bar I would dedicate much time to playing Classical and airing Sailing. Missing New Orleans.

Damien's Sister Devana

...her donut head husband s--ks too.


"Father & Son...

...they do it all."
I can only imagine how badly Bogie missed David when we were way. Bogie suffers from extreme David separation anxiety (much like me).

New Orleans Travel

We had a lovely time in New Orleans; the city far surpassed my expectations and I'm hoping we can go back again. We took lots of pictures and I'm sure we'll be making the rounds with one of our travel albums soon. In the meantime, hopefully this Snapfish link works:


B-Day Lamp

We are back from New Orleans so I'm finally able to post a picture of my b-day present from David. My cool new lamp from Scout.


9 Years to 40

It is my b-day today but I'm too lazy to upload the pic of my gift from David (so I posted these cute pics of Mama to keep everyone at bay) - but I will tell you it's a lovely desk lamp from Scout. (I will try to energize myself enough to post gift pics tomorrow.) My parents were kind enough to send on tons of Kiehl's facial products. We leave for New Orleans on Friday which is my big gift. All and all, it's been a good b-day, but I do hate birthdays. So, I'll leave you with a dream David had last night because the image makes my day: He dreamt that when he looked in the mirror all of his teeth were miniature PUG HEADS! I think that's great.
Peace, yo.


I'm a Punk(in Ale Fan)

The more I watch TV every night (primarily CNN - sometimes Fox when I want to elevate my blood pressure), the more I drink. This political season is turning me really batty; I'm constantly asking David if there are KForces in various international locations. I wish I wasn't interested or involved, but I am. Something really getting me through Fall 2008 is Punkin Ale. Not only is this my favorite Pumpkin Ale, but it's coincidentally named after my first dog - Punkin (note: brewed by DOGfish Head).

Back to the boob-tube...

Sleeping Cream Pie

Anyone wondering what Bogie does on a week day? ^ He sleeps on his side. So adorable.

Hate Her Too

If I ever want to get fired up/downright McCaingry, I go to Youtube and type in "Elisabeth Hassselbeck." What is wrong with her? Her soul must be rottening with every word spoken.

Drill Baby Drill!


Morning in Chicago

I tried to capture the morning in our appt from the perspective of our kitchen.
Good Morning.



I <3 NY (Magazine)

(Joe Namath 1981, New York Magazine)
I'm sorry if you find this picture a bit offensive and/or off-putting. I'm trying to grab your attention! and pick up the 40th Anniversary Issue of New York magazine. Seriously, it's the best magazine issue I've read in years - article after article. Love it list for 2008.



I came across this cool website today: http://typographica.org/001153.php
Ever since 'Helvetica' my appreation for typography ('fonts') has elevated to a semi-obsession.

Ode to Saul Bass

I was reminded of the brilliance of Saul Bass when watching the opening title sequence to Cape Fear (1991). He was truly amazing - responsible for so many iconic designs(^). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saul_Bass


The Great Pumpkin Muffin Debacle of 2008

Maggie has been a bit of a terror today. David was kind enough to make a Vella cafe run and brought me back the most delicious pumpkin muffin. I left the muffin on the side table in our front room so that I could finish up a project. After about :20 minutes, I glanced into the front room and noticed the muffin was gone. After confirming that David did not eat it, we went to the living room to find Maggie and the pumpkin muffin torn to pieces all over the floor. The funniest part is that Bogie just sat on David's chair staring at Maggie with the muffin. Anyone who knows Bogie knows that he would never leave even the smallest bit of food go to waste (or go to Maggie). David is convinced that they went 'Visa-Versa' sometime last night.


BAY of Pig(S)

I'm sorry, but if you can't say anything critical about what you believe in - and what you believe in involves Sarah Palin running for VP - you're not to be trusted. At all. Ever.

Blade Runner (Re-Invented w/ Owl) = Love

Enhanced (Listening) Experience

I was lucky enough to win an Apple Store gift certificate and decided to splurge on some really nice headphones. I have a problem with very small ear openings - so those 'ear buds' are absolutely no good. After reading the reviews for these (^) Bose headphones, I was absolutely sold - and after using them this morning, I'm in audio heaven.



Cinematic Design

Yesterday when I was looking for a cool movie poster to display with my Netflix widget post, I came across 'Rear Window' below. It was unlike any classic Rear Window poster I had ever seen and David commented on how cool it was. So, today I came across this posting which indicated that a gallery in London had an amazing classic film poster/graphic design exhibit. And amazing it is! Go to the links below for some truly well designed film posters. I'm sure these will come up in future postings because they are gorgeous.


Massive Attack @ the Aragon = Amazing

This was one of my Anniversary presents a couple years back. I miss them.

Wacky for Widgets

I've gone crazy for widgets this week. I guess I'm trying to take my mind off the economy and how it's going to impact my life (no more shopping for tree stumps and fancy incense holders). My latest widgy is this radio player (->). So you can listen to some NOR ('New Order Radio') or MAR ('Massive Attack Radio') while checking out DWAFILSOAF.


Film Freak (Netflix Widget (->, Scroll Down)

As a quick blog update, I was able to add a Netflix Queue ("what we have out") widget to the side of my profile (over there (->), scroll down). It's pretty cool. Please note: We rent everything and anything - watching a minimum of a 5 movies a week. So I'm warning you that "Zohan" or something of that nature may eventually show up and please don't judge me.


Michigan Hater.

Another politician giving up on my great home state of Michigan.

Purchasing Outside of the Tretorn Box

I just ordered these cute shoes (>) from the W Hotel Store. I thought it was time that I purchased something other than another pair of Tretorns (heart). I'm letting you all know because W is having their quarterly 'warehouse' sale and they have just posted an 'extra 20% off coupon.' http://www.whotelsthestore.com/
I also purchased an AREA blanket for ~$40 bucks (typically ~$150). If you are not familiar with AREA, it's a really cool brand - check it out: http://areahome.com/.

Happy shopping in this booming economic climate! I'm doing my part, are you? :)


3 Years Later - and Still the Most Magical Moment

The most random set of pictures from my workplace 'pictures folder' - but had to post sooner than later (since we're going to Wrigley to watch the Cubbies tonight!). We were lucky enough to have the most gorgeous weather on 10.1.2005 - and even luckier to have the most magical wedding.
Happy Anniversary Pibb!