Maggie May, Mama Mia

Heart murmur be damned!  Maggie was as sassy and sweet as ever in 2014. 

Holidays with the Best Christmas Movie Ever

May the tradition of showing 'It's a Wonderful Life' over-and-over-and-over again on TV never die. 

7 Habits of People With Remarkable Mental Toughness

Love this list:  7 Habits of People With Remarkable Mental Toughness:

1. Always act as if you are in total control.

2. Put aside things you have no ability to impact.

3. See the past as valuable training and nothing more.

4. Celebrate the success of others.

5. Never allow yourself to whine. (Or complain. Or criticize.)

6. Focus only on impressing yourself.

7. Count your blessings.