“When I believe in something, I fight like hell for it.”

–Steve McQueen

The Tree of Life, May 27th 2011

Just can't wait for this one.

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Emily Robertson Drawings

I am obsessed w/ these charming drawings.

Emily Robertson is an illustrator living and working in London with her cat Iggy. She is also co-founder of the artist collective PLATS, through which she has exhibited work in London, Glasgow and Germany. Since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art with honours and awarded 'Best New Blood' at the D&AD New Blood exhibition in 2006, Emily has been working on a variety of exciting illustration briefs.

King of Comfort: Big Boga Lovin

It took Bogie several minutes to get into this most comfortable position - wedged between a pillow and the sofa with his face smashed into the former.

What to Cook & How to Cook It

Love the smoothie recipe in this book - add steel cut oats for more nourishment.

I Endorse: Barbour, Wax on, Wax off

Love mine - love it even more at 1/2 off from Barbour Store in Georgetown / Wash, DC.


The Loss of the Morro Castle, 1934

The cause of the fire is a complete mystery. Some of the early survivors asserted that the ship had been struck by lightning, but this explanation is not given much credence, nor is it in accordance with the accounts of later survivors. The consensus of opinion is that the fire began in the library or smoking room, though there are some who declare it must have broken out in several places at the same time to have enveloped the entire ship with such terrifying speed.

The speed with which the fire spread is particularly striking in view of the fact that the Morro Castle was equipped with patented devices designed expressly to prevent such a conflagration. An 11,520-ton passenger liner built in 1930 at a cost of $5,500,000, the Morro Castle was regarded as one of the most luxurious and up-to-date ships in the American mercantile marine. She had undergone inspection by State officials as recently as last August. According to some of the crew, the rapid spread of the fire was due to the fact that the water pressure failed at the critical juncture, but this is not yet officially substantiated.

The all-important fact is, however, that the Morro Castle was reduced to a mere burning hulk in a matter of five hours or less. An attempt was made about noon yesterday to bring her into New York harbour, and two tugs and a coastguard cutter succeeded in taking her in tow. About 7 pm, however, the burnt-out liner broke away and, driven by high wind and strong currents, eventually ran ashore off Asbury Park, New Jersey.


Cheesy, but So True

My First CDs

Speaking of Cassette Tapes from Childhood

I had awesome taste back then...
Thankfully, my taste level in music has been much enhanced over the years - such a shame it took me so long given the amazing music that I now love from the 80s.


Mediate | INXS

Seriously loved this cassette tape as a 12 year old.

Jodie's back Behind the Camera - SxSW Interviews

Interview 1 & Interview 2
(Click for cool, candid interviews. If Jodie loves Mel, I love Mel. Just sayin.)

Bob Willoughby's Photostream

Click photo for more amazing pictures or click here for Bob's website.