From $350 to $130 - Gotta Love Gilt!

This Dolce Notte Botanical Down comforter, by Villa Di Borghese, is a hypoallergenic, botanical down comforter with a baffled box construction and excellent moisture management. The comforter has an all natural down and lycocell fill with double stitch satin piping and an embroidered Borghese crest. Each king comforter measures 107 inches by 96 inches and is packaged in a ventilated zippered vinyl storage bag with a sample packet of Dolce Notte Night Cream. 360 thread count. Machine washable. Do not bleach.
Features:* All natural white goose down and lyocell fill for rejuvenating sleep* Improved moisture management for sensitive skin* Botanical down alternative * Manufacturer's five year warranty.
Brand: Villa Di Borghese
Material: 100% cotton and down
Origin: United States