Caloric Vices: Corn Nuts & IPAs

As if I didn't have enough caloric vices. My Gosh, have you tried Whole Foods Cajun Corn Nuts? How have I not ever tried Corn Nuts in my 31 years? (The first time I really heard about Corn Nuts was after my therapist went on and on about how she would never eat 'the mass distributed' Corn Nuts again because of the MSG. Hmmm...Crazy therapist hates Corn Nuts = Perfect reason to gravitate towards them. And I'm fairly certain, though not positive, that Whole Foods Corn Nuts do not have MSG.) My point: Whole Foods Corn Nuts are delicious! Pair these awesome Nuts with the most amazingly hoppy IPA you will ever taste - Modus Hoperandi - for a nice fall evening out on the porch, deck or patio.
You can thank me later!