Southwest Michigan Adventure Ideas

Harbor Country Map - http://www.harborcountry.org/index.php
Lodging: Waya Home Rentals - http://www.wayarentals.com/
Lodging: Marina Grand Resort - http://www.marinagrandresort.com/mabout
Dining: Bentwood Tavern - http://www.marinagrandresort.com/bentwood
Dining: Soe Cafe - http://home.earthlink.net/~chefcharles/
Things to do: Ipso Facto Antiques - http://ipsofactoantiques.com/index.html Things to do: Marco Polo Antiques - http://www.strangeclosets.com/?p=539
Starting research for our next get-away (New England Fall Road Trip, Part II), I realize just how hard it is to find 'cool' places in the middle of nowhere. So, as a service, I'm documenting the highlights of our recent trip to Harbor Country. Enjoy!