Shallow Subculture/Paninari Definition

After blogging about my beloved new shoes, I thought - "What does Paninari mean?" Well, here you go (how sadly relevant):

Paninaro (plural: Paninari) is a subculture that was born in Milan, Italy during the early 1980s at a fast food restaurant called Al Panino (in English: At the Sandwich). The subculture was famous for its apolitical nature and its twin obsessions with fashion and Americana, contrasting sharply with the hyper-politicized 1970s. The Paninaro scene developed in tandem with the vapid hedonism of the 80s, fostered by Reaganomics, Thatcherism and deregulation liberalism. It was also reinforced by the diffusion in Italy of privately-owned television channels, which transmitted messages of consumerism and fostered a fetishistic urge of self-affirmation through the acquisition of status symbols.
The typical Paninaro look might be
Timberland boots or deck shoes, El Charro jeans rolled up to ankle height, belts with Texan or western-style big buckles, Best Company sweatshirts, bulky Dolomite or Moncler jackets and brightly colored Invicta rucksacks.