I <3 Funny Insane People

I purchased HD Tivo for David for X-Mas (not to worry, I've already bestowed it upon him). And now I'm watching more TV - just what I didn't want to happen/why I resisted for so long. I came across the show "Whatever Martha" and find it to be ridiculously funny - so I went on the "Whatever" blog - here's an excerpt from Aleixis Stewart - brilliant/hilarious/certifiable.
me me me
July 10th, 2008
it is true that jennifer and her family are experiencing one of the saddest times in their lives.... wish that meant life could stop and we could all take a breather, but that is not the case. many, many things are still going on in my life that cannot be put on hold or ignored...for instance, here is a fun email thread TO ME from Korie:
Korie:Hello there. I'm quite sure this email will not reach Alexis Stewart, but I was just watching clips for an upcoming Oprah show that she is expected to be on to discuss her attempts to become pregnant and felt compelled to write. I know the pain of failed IVF. Unfortunately, I can only afford my single, failed attempt. I hope Alexis gets what she wants, a baby, but I also hope she donates heavily to Resolve or other organizations in an attempt to help other women who are not so fortunate to have a billionaire mother to fund their treatment. Like Alexis, I'd like to make my parents grandparents. But unlike Alexis, I do not have that opportunity. Please do not use my name or email address on the radio.
Me: wow i guess if you want to woo someone into doing something generous, and that really is your motivation, you should examine the wording and method you use. only slightly veiled insinuations/insults wont get your charity any money, but it will in fact serve to piss people off (unfortunately, I think that was your intention)
Korie: I was not trying to get money. That's an insult. You should be ashamed of yourself. But how do you think it feels to hear a very privileged woman speak of her repeated, high-priced attempts at conceiving? The vast, vast majority of couples in this country with IF cannot afford one, let alone dozens of IVF cycles. It comes off as very insensitive, out-of-touch and elitist. I wonder did Ms. Stewart ever, for one second, examine her own motives? If she really, truly, wants to do some good for anyone other than herself, maybe instead of bragging about her money she should quietly, anonymously, help someone else. I suspect she gets more gratification in speaking about her high-ticket failures than she would by being truly helpful to someone less fortunate. And I don't mean myself because all the treatment in the world won't bring me a baby.
Me:keep twisting it to make yourself feel better/more downtrodden ms stewart was telling her story as it is - and apparently you are so obsessed with the money issue, that you cant even see the point of her appearance, which was to tell people not to wait till they are too old, cause all the money in the world wont help you get pregnant if your biological clock runs out
Korie: I actually feel sorry for you, since it's obvious your only joy in life is to be bitter, spiteful and mean. There's such a thing as karma; it appears you and possibly Ms. Stewart are experiencing that now.
Me: no, simple biological age and why do you think you were unable to conceive? bad gene pool? and not one that god/karma wants to pass on?
Korie:Funny. Nope. It's because I had a rare, ovarian pregnancy and lost them to surgery. But thanks for asking.
Me:karma is karma, not matter how it manifests...
Korie: Ditto. Now please, leave me alone. I'm sorry I ever wrote.