The Great Pumpkin Muffin Debacle of 2008

Maggie has been a bit of a terror today. David was kind enough to make a Vella cafe run and brought me back the most delicious pumpkin muffin. I left the muffin on the side table in our front room so that I could finish up a project. After about :20 minutes, I glanced into the front room and noticed the muffin was gone. After confirming that David did not eat it, we went to the living room to find Maggie and the pumpkin muffin torn to pieces all over the floor. The funniest part is that Bogie just sat on David's chair staring at Maggie with the muffin. Anyone who knows Bogie knows that he would never leave even the smallest bit of food go to waste (or go to Maggie). David is convinced that they went 'Visa-Versa' sometime last night.