Toronto Film Festival

David and I are headed back to Toronto in a couple of weeks for the 2008 Film Festival. Not only am I excited to see some new movies, we are happy to visit some of our favorite T-spots: Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner (most amazing restuarant) and the Gladstone (our accomodations). We have chosen a slightly less modern artist-designed room at the Gladstone - the Billio room (pictured ->).

The Billio Room:
Rich Italian fabrics, with floral patterns of red, gold and fuchsia drape the two large picture windows. An enlarged copy of proposed elevations to the Gladstone , by original architect, George Miller, hangs on the east wall. In contemporary contrast, a string installation seems to float along the ceiling just above the classical queen size bed like a dream catcher. An armoire has been restored to its original splendor and modified to house the contemporary standards; plasma screened television and DVD player. The interior of the armoire also houses an intimate bar. Additionally, a bow chest offers a middle drawer tat pulls out to act as a work desk complete with internet outlets for the business minded traveler. Both pieces are working art, sculptural pieces repositioned and stacked upon hard covered books. The overall ambiance is lush, warm, and comforting. The bathroom in contrast is crisp and white. An original Gladstone table is restored and affixed with a white carara marble table top. A red tape installation wraps itself boldly around this room, again mixing old with new.